Zombie Level Trello Stickers for Project Validation or Freelancers Sales

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Inspired by Freckle‘s download for freelancers, Zombie Clients, I thought I’d knock out some fast “Zombie Level” stickers for Trello.

Zombie client trello stickers for sales cycles trello boards or idea validation trello boards
If Buffy characters were calling your freelance gig, this is how they would be classified with the zombie stickers. Probably. Glory would definitely be level 4.

If you have a sales board for Trello, these would be ideal to use if you sense red flags with unqualified leads as per the original Zombie Clients rankings.

Hell, it even makes throwing a level 4 on a lead almost enjoyable.

I’m a Freelancer and I know this feel

You can also use these for idea validation, to weed out ideas or projects that might suck up time and energy for risky returns.

Q1: Is there a clear need for this particular product to exist amongst all the products already out there?

If not, it’s a level 1 zombie idea.

Q2: Is it actionable right now?

If you need to learn something or hire someone it’s a zombie level 2.

Q3: Is it something you can finish in a few weeks?

If not, we’re looking at a zombie level 3.

The higher the zombie rating, the bigger the risk of failure.

Once you’re aware of the risk and still love the idea, you can go in well-equipped.

Let’s Kill Zombie Projects



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