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I’m a digital product designer who helps development companies and creative agencies create custom SaaS or B2B software that are easy to use, so that they can differentiate from the competition and generate passive income.

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Digital product design, strategy & workflows

Differentiate from the competition

I’m Moodthy Alghorairi. I’ve been building web experiences since 2002.
In the years since I’ve worked as a graphic designer, a cofounder, an agency designer, an in house front end designer and data analyst for many years before before starting Wyld in 2014, where I combine this experience as an independent digital product designer and digital strategist.

I’m a lover of planning, photography, hot sauce, and tv & books in the fantasy genre – if it has vampires, witches or werewolves, I’m down!

I deeply understand both the end client and developer needs, and handover easy-to-implement, thoroughly documented designs that make future UI decisions a snap without me.

Moodthy improved on our campaign results by 26% compared to our best past campaign, jumping from 68% to 90% open rate.
Cheryl Engels, Iberia Consulting
I highly recommend Moodthy for any UI/UX design work. Her designs always look very good and are well thought through for best user experience..
Arnoud Krom
CEO, Bi4Group
Moodthy is a hard working and talented designer with all-round knowledge and skills. Moodthy is an excellent team member and able to brighten up any long day. Moodthy has unique style and creativity and her wide breath of knowledge is an asset to any company.
Richard McElligott
Future Decisions

Working with me means

Development and design – even front end design- require different mindsets. While I design with respect and empathy for the people coding it up, my bias is towards the end user and their needs expectations.

Experience costs. Most development companies or design agencies don’t have someone at my level full time. When it’s mission critical to land that next level client, or get that funding grant, I can help you get there.

I onboard fast, and am used to working with different teams, tools and workflows. I’m a project manager myself, so working with me isn’t another project to add to your list.

Let’s get a feel for each other. It all starts with a video call.

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