How I can help you

I research, define, and design unique digital products.

I believe that if a product solves user pain deeply and meaningfully enough – through thorough product and user research and testing – if it respects users’ time and has a net positive impact on their lives, you can avoid worrying about the next shiny new service stealing your audience.

I’m also into:

  • Helping product owners build a product research and launch plan that doesn’t rely on big marketing pushes for client acquisition.
  • Helping developers and founder pinpoint what makes their MVP unique and reworking products and marketing around that.
  • Helping high-tech or innovation companies explain their value to consumers in a way that resonates.
  • Helping growth stage companies develop a work culture that supports growth, innovation and creativity, and helping startups build sustainable business models.
  • Helping companies become calm companies and practising deep work.

You might find me talking about any of these if you’re around Madrid.

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