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Happy Yule, everyone!

Today is winter solstice. Traditionally, this day marked the begging of Yule: a period celebrated with burning fires and getting as fat on good food and drink. In other words, the most “I’m down with that” festivity in the northern hemisphere.

Since most offices kind of frown upon burning fires and I do not live in a fancy enough apartment to have a fireplace, I put together a 4k video playlist of log fires for people with two monitors to enjoy and feel cosy while at work, or for putting on the smart tv while reading that ebook later. There’s 4k fireplace, a campfire on a mountain view, a fire near a running river with water and forest noises.

I’ve also got a 4k video playlist of nature-based scenes (aurora borealis, jellyfish tank, sun shining through autumn leaves) and ambient chill music, good for getting in the flow, getting out of a bad mood, blocking out distractions, or putting the day behind you.

“Hope yule enjoy it”. (I’m not even ashamed of my dad jokes)





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