12 days of ADHD Productivity | Day 1, Building Self Trust

A lot of people with ADHD have entrenched stories of failure around productivity.

In this voice-cast, I explain why this makes it more exhausting to get started and harder to deliver; some common methods we set ourselves up to fail without realising it; and how to rebuild our relationship with getting thing done where we don’t feel ourselves avoiding from our todo list, or staying stuck in our comfort zones and familiar work routines.

Download the MP4 of the voice note. (best for listening on the go)

What do you think? Do you have compartmentalised beliefs around what you can/ can’t do? Where do they hold you back? Drop me a message on instagram or twitter (I’m @atomicbutterfly on both) or in the comments below.

I’m also on Anchor, where I host The Un-grind, so you can leave me a voice message there.



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