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  • Business Apps Dashboard

    Business Apps Dashboard

    This is a responsive SAAS application for small to medium businesses to manage multiple business widgets inside one dashboard. Each widget can be dragged to any chosen app “slot” in the screen depending on user preference. Widgets can be minimised or made fullscreen. Apps are chosen from a list on the left-hand sidebar and dragged…

  • Supermarket Promotions Mailer

    Supermarket Promotions Mailer

    This is an application for in store special offer emails for a Dutch supermarket chain. It’s designed to work alongside their internal email application database. MoodthyMoodthy Alghorairi is a product designer and digital consultant behind Wyld.Media. She’s been designing digital experiences since 2002. She’s a runner, mama to Floki (8 y.o parrot) and Thais (3…

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