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  • A little more on my zero-distraction policy & quantified focus time

    I used to think multitasking was great, but it creates more hours, more stress and less productive work. MoodthyMoodthy Alghorairi is a product designer and digital consultant behind Wyld.Media. She’s been designing digital experiences since 2002. She’s a runner, mama to Floki (8 y.o parrot) and Thais (3 y.o human), and head geek at MadridGeeks.es.…

  • We need FOCUS features in apps, not alerts

    Designing for a state of flow A while ago, I went nuclear on every notification on my desktop and iPad. I killed them all, apart from one slack channel, which by default is not open. I check into it at intervals that work for me. I did this because I realised these notifications were a…

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