12 Days of Self Care | Day 1: Noticing Energy

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For Day 1, we’re going to keep it simple and just start noticing what feeds us and what drains us.

I explain why this is so foundational to self care in the voice note below, and some common reasons this happens in the first place.



[download the MP4 directly to listen to on the go]

In the voice note, I mention a Trello template I use for checking in with myself sporadically. You can get that template over here, but don’t worry if you want to use something else! Use what works for you and is easy to understand and access on the go.

We’ll go through each of these lists in the coming days, building a sort of user manual to yourself.

If you have any questions or feedback, hit me up on instagram or twitter (@atomicbutterfly on both) or leave a comment below.



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