My secret to stay focused

There’s something I do at the end of the week, each Friday, that helps me stay focused all week long.

If I’m busy and have work to hand in, it may only last an hour, but if not it’s for the whole morning, until after my lunch break.

I browse various sites like Pinterest, Medium, Codepen, without aim or purpose, just taking in whats new and delightful.

I browse personal blogs and food blogs, kickstarter, and newspapers. I look at fanart on Tumblr. I check out Goodreads and the culture section for plays and books. I go through my inbox and actually read some of those newsletters I signed up to and scheduled for later because I’m obsessed with inbox zero. I see what videos youtube recommends based on my interests. I click on Instagram ads.

All the things I avoid during the week because RescueTime is tracking me.

This kind of scheduled anti-focus is the second most important thing I do to stay creative and non-burned out next to meditating each day.

knowing I get to do it on Friday morning helps me resist the urge to get distracted during the week.

It’s basically a cheat day for focus.

It’s also my brain refresh, helping plant seeds of new ideas to germinate over the weekend.

Creativity in one field isn’t dependant on input from within that one field. The best kind of ideas come from ideas percolated from the most abstract sources.



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